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COPD Management for Healthcare Professionals

  • This course will give you the knowledge, techniques and tools needed to help your patients live better with COPD.
  • Targeted for healthcare professionals (Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Pharmacists) willing to take their expertise to the next level.
  • The course contains three modules, covering topics such as COPD pathophysiology, symptoms, treatments and integration of an action plan. It also includes informative and relevant case studies.
  • Get continuous education credits! You will receive 0.7 CEU from SOFEDUC, for 7 hrs of training or 7.0 CEU from CSRT.
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World COPD Day 2023

On November 15th, we want to emphasize the importance of early lung health, early diagnosis, and early interventions. It is crucial to understand that COPD can start early in life and affect individuals of all ages, not just those who smoke. By acting sooner, we can expand the horizon of COPD prevention and treatment and make a significant impact on the lives of individuals at risk.

We invite you to join us in celebrating World COPD Day and supporting this year’s theme. Together, let’s raise awareness, enhance understanding, and work towards a future where everyone can breathe freely.

World COPD Day is organized by GOLD COPD in collaboration with healthcare professionals and COPD patient groups worldwide. This annual event aims to raise awareness, share knowledge, and reduce the burden of COPD globally.

Since its beginning in 2002, World COPD Day has become one of the most significant events for COPD awareness and education. Each year, GOLD selects a theme and coordinates the distribution of resources and materials to support local initiatives. This year, the theme for World COPD Day is “Breathing is Life – Act Earlier.”

world copd day 2023 - breathing is life, act earlier