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Chronic Cough - General Information

What is Chronic Cough?

Chronic cough is a daily cough that lasts more than eight weeks in adults. It is a common symptom of many respiratory and other diseases but it can be difficult to diagnose the cause and treat.

“I don’t remember ever not coughing. I wake up choking from my sleep.”

“It’s really, really hard to be in public, during COVID, when you could have a cough attack, I’ve been places and having to run out of the store just so I can have my cough attack, because everybody looks at you like you’re infectious and have COVID.”

Read our Chronic Cough report for insight and opinions on chronic cough in Canada today and how patients can be better served.

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Canadian Chronic Cough Initiative

Report of Findings - 2021

The Canadian Chronic Cough Initiative is the first Canadian report to document the challenges of diagnosing and managing chronic cough and detailing the toll taken on those with this condition. The report has been prepared by Canadian and International physicians who are respiratory specialists, other health care providers involved in respiratory care and those with lived experience. The report outlines the most current thinking about how chronic cough can be managed and makes recommendations for improving care in the future.


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News Release

Coughing is one of the most common reasons for visiting a family physician and it can be a symptom of many ailments. Yet, a cough that does not go away for 8 weeks or more is one of the most challenging conditions for a physician to treat and is often under-recognized and poorly managed.

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Chronic cough affects around 10% of the general population and can be associated with many different medical conditions.

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