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COVID-19 - General Information

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 has taken a huge toll on the population worldwide in terms of major illness and death.

Many countries including Canada have now seen multiple waves of COVID-19, each causing a range of reactions to the virus.

Some people just developed mild symptoms, like a cough and cold, and feeling more tired than usual while others experienced very severe symptoms including admission to the intensive care and being placed on a ventilator, unable to breathe on their own. It has been recognized that the elderly and those with existing medical conditions, are at increased risk of having a severe outcomes such as hospitalization and death.

Living Well Beyond COVID-19

Long COVID Rehabilitation and Management

Once people are no longer contagious and have overcome the acute phase of COVID-19, their symptoms may persist or they may experience new symptoms. This is called Long COVID. Anyone can develop Long COVID, regardless of whether their initial COVID-19 infection was mild or severe. Long COVID can include many symptoms, and it affects people in various ways. The duration of Long COVID can also vary. Some people may have Long COVID for a couple of months while others continue to have it beyond one year.


Retrieving one dose out of a vaccine vial

Vaccination and me

The science is clear on the requirement for two doses of vaccine for the three products currently being used in Canada in order to provide maximum efficacy. However, changing government policies based on evolving science has left the public uncertain about the best course of action.

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